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Clinical Services

Clinical Services

HospitalBPO's expertise and advanced technology provides optimal connectivity in hospitals, with care delivery customized to the unique needs of medical and clinical staffs that save time and money.

How do we do it? With HospitalBPO's turnkey, end-to-end, technology integrated throughout the enterprise that optimize use of clinical applications and Electronic Health Records (EHR) services. Clinical care teams receive dedicated 24/7/365 support from HospitalBPO's business process and technology experts who understand the challenges and opportunities in healthcare… today and tomorrow. Today we see healthcare providers paying a premium price for remote Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems support. These models make economic sense especially when the vendor is achieving 70–80% first-call resolution (FCR) thereby displacing expensive at-the-elbow informatics resources while giving clinicians instant answers to their questions. HospitalBPO's business case for many healthcare organizations show millions in savings as a result of moving to a remote EHR support model.

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